Here are the activities and Tours we recommend for you to
try out while in Reykjavik

You can book all these activities through our own booking channel

How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes
Comedy show

This is a one-man‘s comedy show that takes you through the 15 steps that you need to master to become Icelandic. A hilarious visual observation of the Icelandic culture, entirely in English. If you like a good laugh, this should be your first pick.

Icelandic Sagas The Greatest Hits
The Greatest Hits

This fun, fast paced play breaks down and explains our true (or not so true) sagas in about an hour. A hilarious show about worthy men and feisty women, full of props, good humor and interaction with the audience.

Whales of Iceland
The Whale Museum

You will be able to walk among the whales, in the largest museum of its kind in Europe. Real sized models of whales, interactive panels and a spot to listen to their songs. Great museum experience for all and a perfect choice for families.

Omnom Chocolate Tour
Omnom Chocolate

Omnom literally means yummy! And it really is. Omnom has been awarded for both their unique flavors and wrappings. You will follow the craft of making chocolate from the chocolate bean to the chocolate bar, not to mention all the delicious tasting.

Harpa Concert Hall Guided Tour
The Harpa Concert hall

Reykjavik‘s magnificent concert hall, Harpa, stands by the ocean in its unique shape and form. An architectural masterpiece it is absolutely worth it to get a guided tour. You get to visit spaces not open to the public and learn some of Harpa‘s secrets.

Reykjavik Escape : Taken Room

If you like to solve riddles, mysteries and mind tricks Reykjavik Escape is the right place for you. With the time limited to 60 minutes you and your friends or family must work together to escape the room!