A full pint of Einstök White Ale on Laugarvegur

Beer was banned for 74 years in Iceland

Amazingly enough, its only been 27 years since beer became a legal product in Iceland. For fear of people drinking too much, the government banned all beer in Iceland from 1915 – 1989. Beer finally became legal on the 1st of March in 1989 and that day has been celebrated ever since with an annual beer festival. This year is no exception and the feast is about to begin!

The Annual Icelandic beer festival starts next Wednesday the 24th of February at Kex hostel and ends on Saturday the 28th with a super session that lasts the whole day and probably well into the night.

Iceland’s major breweries are participating, such as Kaldi,  Ölvisholt, Einstök/Víking,  Steðji, Borg Brugghús/Ölgerðin.

Then there are a few exciting newcomers. Segull 67 from Siglufirði in Northwest Iceland and Bryggjan Brugghús located in Reykjavik are worth noticing.

Finally, there are also some great foreign breweries. Mikkeller,  To Øl and Alefarm Brewing all from Danmark, our former sovereign state. Then there are Friem Family Brewers, Surly Brewing Company and The Commons Brewery from the United States.

YourFriendinReykjavik is quite excited about this festival, like the years before this one, and plans to enjoy a drink or two in the next few days.

You can see the full schedule and buy tickets here: The Icelandic annual beer festival

You can also read further on the beer ban as BBC covered it quite nicely here: BBC coverage about the beer ban in Iceland

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