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The Elves of Iceland

Or the Hidden people like we Icelanders call them It is common knowledge that Icelandic people are superstitious by nature. I was raised in a family where the Elves were like part of the landscape and life in general. My mother used to tell me stories about the elves she played with when she was […]

The annual Kex beer festival!

The annual Icelandic Beer Festival will take place at KEX Hostel in Reykjavík, February 23-25 in 2017. I totally love this concept because all the best Icelandic breweries, along with some exciting international breweries from Canada, Denmark, Sweden, UK, and the United States will attend and help us celebrate beer for three days and nights. […]

20 free things to do in and around Reykjavik

Are you coming to Iceland and discovering how much everything costs here? 🙂 – With the Icelandic Krona getting stronger each day it’s not getting any better Well here are 20 free things to do in the greater Reykjavik area for you to enjoy so you can save some Icelandic krona to come with us on our Reykjavik […]

Have you tasted the Icelandic puffin?

We just added a delicious Puffin taster to The Reykjavik Food Lovers tour Iceland is the largest Atlantic puffin colony in the world with around 66% of the total puffin stock. They have been hunted for centuries by Icelanders and have been an important food source. We like them best when they are smoked but […]

The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival

Beer was banned for 74 years in Iceland Amazingly enough, its only been 27 years since beer became a legal product in Iceland. For fear of people drinking too much, the government banned all beer in Iceland from 1915 – 1989. Beer finally became legal on the 1st of March in 1989 and that day […]

Best beer in Iceland ?

What’s the best beer in Iceland? It’s all a matter of taste really so choosing the best beers can be controversial at times. Still, the website Ratebeer has a pretty good list of the top Icelandic Beers worth noting The top 2, Lava and Garún, I can absolutely agree with as they are both tasty and […]

Icelandic grammar is pretty tough

These pictures below are a couple of the most popular meme’s about the Icelandic grammar going around Icelandic is pretty tough to learn but for foreigners willing to learn we always help with the most basic questions during our tours Takk = Thank you, Bless = Bye and finally Bjór = Beer (You are graduated) – […]