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Þorrablót and þorramatur – the Icelandic food feast!

The mid-winter feast Þorrablót is held in the month of þorri, but the first day is called bóndadagur or husband day. The day is dedicated to the husband. The first day of þorri begins on a Friday between the 19th … Read More

Liquorice Tops – Meringue cookies with Liquorice (Lakkrístoppar)

Have you ever tried the very special Icelandic Meringue with Licorice? If not, you are honestly in for a treat. No, you do not have to travel to Iceland for them, because we got the cookie recipe for you right … Read More

The Old Icelandic Calendar: It is Still in Use!

Nordic and Northern European people used the Norse calendar until Christianity took over. However, Icelanders kept using their calendar version, especially the names of the months, until the 18th century. Icelanders still use a few names in some ways, especially … Read More

Laufabrauð, Iceland christmas tradition

Laufabrauð: The Unique Icelandic Christmas-bread

In centuries past, the average Icelander seldom saw wheat to bake bread. Wheat was an imported good, and rarely so, only the wealthiest families had access to this simple ingredient. So, before Christmas, most people made the so-called laufabrauð (leaf-bread). … Read More

The Christmas beer season is here!

December is a time to celebrate, not just spending time with your family and wishing for peace on earth. It is also the Christmas beer season which many Icelanders wait for in anticipation. Since the beer was allowed in Iceland … Read More

Opening hours in Reykjavik during the holidays

Spending the holiday season in the northernmost capital in the world is something we think everyone should try. Christmas – or jól as it is called in Icelandic – is during the year’s shortest days. The sun just about manages … Read More