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Visit Reykjavik

Quirky and Weird Reykjavik

For a little island, Iceland has a lot of personality. Anyone who visits Reykjavik will definitely experience our distinctive character. From our elvish passion to a toilet for punk, we can make sure your trip to Iceland is unforgettable! Your … Read More

Whale watching visit to Iceland

Whale Watching in Iceland

Whale watching is one of the many unique experiences to enjoy on your visit to Iceland. We have a unique combination of currents and weather that attract many different types of whales to our waters. There are over 20 types … Read More

Visit Iceland in February

Visit Iceland in February

The days are short, and the nights are long, which makes a fun reason to visit Iceland in February! It can get a little cold, which you can handle with the right clothing (so maybe it is time for some … Read More


Hallgrímskirkja: A tribute to all that is Iceland

At over 70m high, you can see the majestic Hallgrímskirkja from almost anywhere in Reykjavik, and a little beyond. Dedicated to our most influential poet and pastor, Hallgrímur Pétursson, this church is a national monument that is a definite must-see … Read More

Cheers from the Reykjavik Beer Tour

Visit Reykjavik for the Unique Þorri Midwinter Feast!

You may think January is the first month of the year, but, if you visit Reykjavik now, you will see we also recognize that this is the fourth month of winter. If you follow the old Norse calendar, the end … Read More

Visit Iceland in July

Visit Iceland in July

Summertime is a wonderful time to visit Iceland. July in particular, is a lovely time to plan a holiday to our little island. Music festivals from traditional to experimental across the country. Long, warm days to frolic in nature. And, … Read More

Midight Sun Iceland

Iceland in Summer: Land of the Midnight Sun

Your Friend in Reykjavik wants you to visit Iceland anytime of year. And while you may hear a lot about catching the spectacular Northern Lights, there’s another phenomenon that is also well worth visiting Iceland for — the Midnight Sun! … Read More

Visit Iceland in June

June has the first official days of summer, with warmer and much longer days. Visit Iceland in June for the excellent weather conditions, but also for the many celebrations as it is also when we celebrate all things Iceland with … Read More

visit iceland in January

Visit Iceland in January

To visit Iceland in January is to enjoy wintry weather without it being too cold but with the possibility of blankets of snow. There are fewer crowds but with some truly unique festivals and holidays. The days are short but … Read More

Iceland on a budget

8 Tips for Traveling Iceland on a Budget

Next to the natural beauty and wonderful locals, the next thing many people mention about Iceland is the cost. Because we’re on an island in a relatively remote location, many travelers worry that they cannot travel Iceland on a budget. … Read More