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Having a delicious Icelandic Hot dog

Ordering Icelandic Hot dogs

Ordering the Icelandic Hot Dog to your home The Icelandic Hot Dog plays a significant role in Icelandic gastronomy along with the fancy arctic delicatessen and seafood. For this reason, I understand why you fell in love with the Icelandic … Read More

The waver thin Icelandic Pancakes

Icelandic Pancakes recipe

Hilda’s family recipe for Icelandic Pancakes My Amma (grandma) had 16 grandchildren and I do not even know how many great-grandchildren. When I had children and they had birthdays I said to her, please do not go running around town … Read More

Parmesan breaded fish

Parmesan breaded fish

Haddock or Cod in Parmesan bread This is a perfect dish for weekdays in Iceland, you can use any whitefish to make it but our favorite is either Cod or Haddock. The ingredients to fish in bread 700 gr (25 … Read More

The Almond Porridge recipe

The Almond Porridge – Christmas food in Iceland

One of the traditional Christmas foods of Iceland is the so-called Almond Porridge.  It is a simple rice porridge but according to Christmas tradition we put one almond in it in the end and the one who is lucky enough … Read More

Christmas in Iceland an online walking tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour of Reykjavik This Christmas join Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur for an online walking tour of downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.    We are going to be walking through the Christmas lit … Read More

This is a drawing of Reykjavik dating back to the year 1801

Reykjavik History 1801

A drawing of Reykjavik from 1801 This picture is a drawing of Reykjavik #iceland dating back from 1801 👍😊. Marked on the image are some buildings that are still standing today. The Cathedral Church and the prison built in 1770 … Read More

The road to the Cave of singing

Singing in the Cave of singing

A dark Icelandic lullaby in Sönghellir Your Friend in Reykjavik singing the classic Icelandic lullaby: Sofðu unga ástin mín (Sleep, my little love). The perfect location for this song is in a cave called Sönghellir (The cave of singing) by … Read More

Rick Steves in Iceland

Visiting Your Friend In Reykjavik Before the world was turned upside down, due to covid, a very interesting world traveler joined our Reykjavik Food Tour. The popular television host, guidebook author, and organizer of tours bringing people from the US … Read More

Delicious Fishball coming out of the oven

Fiskibollur – Fishballs a family recipe

The family recipe for Icelandic fishballs Use one kilo of any white fish (Here I cooked about 1,7 kilos of Cod) One large onion (I did two onions for 1,7 kg of fish) 100g Wheat (170g for 1,7 kg) 100g Potato … Read More

A fun family on a private Reykjavik Walking Tour

Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You

Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You Private tours in Reykjavik, Iceland, are ideal for discovering the magical Bay of Smoke. Today, the steaming hot springs that gave this port city its name makes way for wondrous delights for … Read More