The Almond Porridge recipe

The Almond Porridge – Christmas food in Iceland

One of the traditional Christmas foods of Iceland is the so-called Almond Porridge.  It is a simple rice porridge but according to Christmas tradition we put one almond in it in the end and the one who is lucky enough … Read More

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Midight Sun Iceland

Iceland in Summer: Land of the Midnight Sun

Your Friend in Reykjavik wants you to visit Iceland anytime of year. And while you may hear a lot about catching the spectacular Northern Lights, there’s another phenomenon that is also well worth visiting Iceland for — the Midnight Sun! … Read More

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Visit Iceland in June

June has the first official days of summer, with warmer and much longer days. Visit Iceland in June for the excellent weather conditions, but also for the many celebrations as it is also when we celebrate all things Iceland with … Read More

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visit iceland in January

Visit Iceland in January

To visit Iceland in January is to enjoy wintry weather without it being too cold but with the possibility of blankets of snow. There are fewer crowds but with some truly unique festivals and holidays. The days are short but … Read More

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Iceland on a budget

8 Tips for Traveling Iceland on a Budget

Next to the natural beauty and wonderful locals, the next thing many people mention about Iceland is the cost. Because we’re on an island in a relatively remote location, many travelers worry that they cannot travel Iceland on a budget. … Read More

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Movies in Iceland

Be in the Movies in Iceland!

We don’t mean going to the cinema during your visit to Iceland (although you’re more than welcome to check out our cinema scene!). We are talking about how filmmakers, both for the big screen and small, have turned to our … Read More

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Christmas in Iceland an online walking tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour of Reykjavik This Christmas join Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur for an online walking tour of downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.    We are going to be walking through the Christmas lit … Read More

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hot springs in Iceland

Blue Lagoon is not the only hot springs in Iceland

As you plan your Iceland trip itinerary, you’ll probably find Blue Lagoon recommended as a “must go”. Gorgeous blue waters, mineral-rich water and mud, and serene natural beauty await every visit. Blue Lagoon is a beautiful spot, but there are … Read More

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This is a drawing of Reykjavik dating back to the year 1801

Reykjavik History 1801

A drawing of Reykjavik from 1801 This picture is a drawing of Reykjavik #iceland dating back from 1801 👍😊. Marked on the image are some buildings that are still standing today. The Cathedral Church and the prison built in 1770 … Read More

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The beautiful Sun Voyager or Sólfarið by the Reykjavik harbor

Visiting Iceland in December

Every time is an excellent time to visit Iceland, but December is especially special. We have the Northern Lights, ideal wintry landscapes, and 13 Santas to celebrate Christmas! Whether you venture out around the island or explore in and around … Read MoreRead More

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