History of Iceland

Þorramatur, Icelandic food, food

Þorrablót and þorramatur – the Icelandic food feast!

The mid-winter feast Þorrablót is held in the month of þorri, but the first day is called bóndadagur or husband day. The day is dedicated to the husband. The first day of þorri begins on a Friday between the 19th … Read More

The Old Icelandic Calendar: It is Still in Use!

Nordic and Northern European people used the Norse calendar until Christianity took over. However, Icelanders kept using their calendar version, especially the names of the months, until the 18th century. Icelanders still use a few names in some ways, especially … Read More


Hallgrímskirkja: A tribute to all that is Iceland

At over 70m high, you can see the majestic Hallgrímskirkja from almost anywhere in Reykjavik, and a little beyond. Dedicated to our most influential poet and pastor, Hallgrímur Pétursson, this church is a national monument that is a definite must-see … Read More

Christmas in Iceland an online walking tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour of Reykjavik This Christmas join Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur for an online walking tour of downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.    We are going to be walking through the Christmas lit … Read More

This is a drawing of Reykjavik dating back to the year 1801

Reykjavik History 1801

A drawing of Reykjavik from 1801 This picture is a drawing of Reykjavik #iceland dating back from 1801 👍😊. Marked on the image are some buildings that are still standing today. The Cathedral Church and the prison built in 1770 … Read More