The Stories of Iceland

Sólfarið - The Sun Voyager

Sólfarið – The Sun Voyager

Hi there!  I’m Valur, Your Friend In Reykjavik, and today I want to talk to you about the history behind Sólfarið or The Sun Voyager.  Artist Jon Gunnar Arnason made this sculpture, and it’s located down by the seafront here … Read More

Cheers from the Reykjavik Beer Tour

Visit Reykjavik for the Unique Þorri Midwinter Feast!

You may think January is the first month of the year, but, if you visit Reykjavik now, you will see we also recognize that this is the fourth month of winter. If you follow the old Norse calendar, the end … Read More

Christmas in Iceland an online walking tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour

Christmas in Iceland – Online Walking Tour of Reykjavik This Christmas join Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur for an online walking tour of downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.    We are going to be walking through the Christmas lit … Read More

Northern lights in Iceland

See the Northern Lights in Iceland!

Most travelers look forward to seeing the wondrous Northern Lights in Iceland. Science calls them the Aurora Borealis when the sky glows with greens, blues, and sometimes reds, which look glorious against our wide-open skies and rugged landscapes. Perfect Instagram … Read More

The Icelandic sheep are our four-legged Vikings

Icelandic Sheep – Our Four-Legged Vikings

The Vikings brought sheep to Iceland over a thousand years ago. Now, the humans didn’t wear horns, but some of these four-legged Vikings did! And they have adapted and flourished into hardy, fluffy mainstays for Icelanders. They provide wool for … Read MoreRead More

Galadriel the elf from Tolkien's Middle Earth


Or the Hidden people like we Icelanders call them It is common knowledge that Icelandic people are superstitious by nature. I was raised in a family where the Elves were like part of the landscape and life in general. My … Read More

66 degrees North model


The famous Icelandic outdoor clothing company 66°North with their Keeping Iceland Warm since 1926 slogan recently received a job application different from most others. The application came from Ásdís Karlsdóttir, age 81 and living in Akureyri, for a modeling position. … Read More

A funny joke about Icelandic grammar