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The Almond Porridge recipe

The Almond Porridge – Christmas food in Iceland

One of the traditional Christmas foods of Iceland is the so-called Almond Porridge.  It is a simple rice porridge but according to Christmas tradition we put one almond in it in the end and the one who is lucky enough … Read More

Visit Iceland in June

June has the first official days of summer, with warmer and much longer days. Visit Iceland in June for the excellent weather conditions, but also for the many celebrations as it is also when we celebrate all things Iceland with … Read More

Iceland on a budget

8 Tips for Traveling Iceland on a Budget

Next to the natural beauty and wonderful locals, the next thing many people mention about Iceland is the cost. Because we’re on an island in a relatively remote location, many travelers worry that they cannot travel Iceland on a budget. … Read More

The road to the Cave of singing

Singing in the Cave of singing

A dark Icelandic lullaby in Sönghellir Your Friend in Reykjavik singing the classic Icelandic lullaby: Sofðu unga ástin mín (Sleep, my little love). The perfect location for this song is in a cave called Sönghellir (The cave of singing) by … Read More

Best Coffee places in downtown Reykjavik

We LOVE coffee It is safe to say people in Iceland love coffee and we don’t need no Starbucks to drink alot of the black stuff! We are always in the top three seats Per capita in coffee consumption. Maybe … Read More