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We meet up at Ingólfur Square in the center of Reykjavik by the two stone pillars (They are over 3 meters high with smoke coming up from the top).
The Square is in front of Center Hotel Plaza by Aðalstræti 6. The Square is at the beginning of Austurstræti and is squared off by the streets Aðalstræti, Hafnarstræti, Veltusund, and Vallarstræti.

If you walk down Laugavegur (The main shopping street) please just continue all the way down until you come to the square always walking straight down until you can’t continue further.

Don’t go to the statue of Ingólfur Arnarsson or the statue of Jon Sigurdsson at Austurvöllur as that is not the starting point.

We recommend using Google Maps below for detailed directions or use a different map software because the Icelandic street names can be a little tricky.

The tours do not always end where they begin but they all take place in the centre of Reykjavik or close by. We are happy to walk with you back to the starting point after the tour has finished.

Iceland is a wet and windy place so even if the sun is shining when you leave for your tour, it might not stay that way. Actually, its really unlikely that it will stay that way. The weather changes very quickly. So please always bring something warm to protect you from the wind and something for the rain so you don’t get wet. Umbrellas are a rare sight in Reykjavik (because of the wind) so a raincoat might be a better choice. If you are meeting us in the snow and its sunny, bring a pair of sunglasses!

Our tours give you a good introduction to the city, the history and the way of life here in Iceland. You can book our tours at any point during your trip. We do our best to give you good advice and recommendations for all kind of activity during your stay in Reykjavik, as well as answer any of your questions. You might be able to take advantage of that if you book a tour at the beginning of your trip. On the other hand, if you book a tour later during your trip you might also be able to enjoy the tour differently and ask more questions. Either way, we are sure you will enjoy yourself!

Please call us, text us or email us if you are late and we will do our best for you to not miss the tour but keep in mind our guides are asked to silence their phones when a tour has started to be totally focused to our friends from around the world.

We will not refund a tour if you are late and we can’t catch up with the group.

Email address: yfir@yourfriendinreykjavik.is
Phone: +354 6554040

We recomment you book your tours with us before your travel to Iceland. Being a small family business it’s better to plan your tour beforehand so we have an expert guide available for you.

Our Reykjavik Walking Tour or the Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour are a great way to start your visit to Iceland.

It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Keflavik to BSI bus stop in Reykjavik if you take the airport shuttle. Most hotels allow you to leave your luggage with them before check in. If not you can storage your luggage for a small fee at BSI bus stop.

The answer to that question is no. We will simply dress according to weather, put on a big smile and laugh about it. That’s the Icelandic way, we never let the weather stop us from going out, meeting people and have a good time. And you never know, the tour might start in a bad weather but end in a perfect one.

Yes, of course! We would love to tailor a custom tour for you. This price will need to be determined, based on your special request. Please contact us at yfir@yourfriendinreykjavik.com


Please note that if you are booking a tour through Your Friend in Reykjavik with a partner the partner’s terms and conditions may apply.

All tours
If you cancel 24 hours before the tour you get a full refund.

By accepting these terms you agree to participating in the activities offered on tour at your own risk and that you take responsibility for your own safety. Your Friend in Reykjavik does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers, which can be traced to their own actions or are caused by factors outside of human control (Force majeure).

If you are booking a tour with one of our partners, Your Friend in Reykjavik cannot be held responsible if the tour does not meet expectations. Our partners are responsible for their tours and their conditions apply.


We meet up at Ingólfur Square in the center of Reykjavik by the two stone pillars (They are over 3 meters high with smoke coming up from the top).


Have any questions about our tours? Give us a call or email us and we will be happy to answer them.

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