The annual Icelandic Beer Festival will take place at KEX Hostel in Reykjavík, February 23-25 in 2017.

I totally love this concept because all the best Icelandic breweries, along with some exciting international breweries from Canada, Denmark, Sweden, UK, and the United States will attend and help us celebrate beer for three days and nights.

Beer in Iceland was banned for 74 years (1915-1981) so each year after it’s legalization we celebrate Beer day on the 1st of March (beer was legalized 1st of March 1989) and as that’s on Wednesday this year the festival takes place the weekend before that significant day for Icelandic beer lovers

“The Annual Icelandic Beer Festival is a rare opportunity for the common beer lover to meet the people behind bars to discuss the methods, spices as well as their brand philosophy. The festival pass gives you access to all three days of the celebration and also grants access to an exclusive final event in the city of Reykjavík that includes live music, exclusive beers, and beer oriented menu.”

I’ve been to most of those festivals in the past and they have all been great, energetic, fun and I always leave them with a good buzz and a promise to myself to attend the next years festival.  If you are going to come when we have to meet over a beer 🙂

If you are going to come to Iceland for the festival then maybe this package is for you?
The Grands festival package includes the festival, a dinner, and a day tour out of the country.. all with beer… what’s not to love?

Here is an article on last years festival which was by the way excellent

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