Your chance to experience Elves, Trolls, Ghost and Magic in Iceland
The most famous ghost story from Iceland is called the Deacon of Dark river and it's always a part of our Icelandic Mythical Walk walking tour
Icelandic magic is taught on the Mythical Walk and specifically how to raise the dead

Meet the Elves, Trolls & Ghosts of Iceland

Iceland is sometimes called the land of the Sagas and on this mythical walk, you get the chance to hear many interesting sagas involving the hidden people and creatures of Iceland

The Elves & Trolls of Iceland
We will tell you all about the Elves and Trolls of Iceland, Ghosts like the Deacon of the dark river, the unique mostly aquatic monsters, the 13 Santa’s (it’s not enough to have just one Santa Claus in Iceland after all ;)), their mother the child eating troll called Grýla and finally the only known serial killer of Iceland in a land where it’s easy to get lost in the lava fields.

Storytelling is a skill
In the long winter nights in Iceland storytelling has been the primary entertainment for people so there are reasons why Icelanders love books and have the highest literacy rate in the world.  1 in 10 Icelanders writes a book in his lifetime so we obviously love to tell stories and you sure won’t be disappointed by joining our walk and hearing a couple

J.R.R. Tolkien was heavily influenced by Norse mythology and the Icelandic Sagas when he wrote The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit so we will explain some of the fun similarities between our worlds

A Reykjavik walking tour to haunt your dreams
This tour is perfect for those who want a little adventure in their life because the story’s come alive on our walk.  For families, please keep in mind that some of the stories can be scary to little children so it’s also possible to contact us regarding a private walk where we can dial the scariness down a notch ;).

“Wonderful tour with great guide!
We took the tour on Friday and had a great time! The tour guide was hilarious, friendly and informative. Loved learning about the elves, trolls and magical practices of Iceland in a fun and interactive way. Thank you!”

Jodie M

“The Best way to learn about Iceland!
It was so informative and fun with a twist of magic and mythology. You get to see a lot of Old Reykjavík that you probably wouldn’t see if you weren’t seeking it out and the tour gives you extra tidbits about historical sites you may not see in a guide book.  I’ve done a lot of walking tours in different cities around the world and this was by far my favorite.”

dkb1096 (Tripadvisor ID)

“Awesome Walking Tour!
I had the good fortune of experiencing the history and magic of Iceland with our fun and knowledgeable guide. We walked through the older part of Reykjavik and learned stories about Iceland’s history and mythical past. So interesting, and a fun way to see the city. I highly recommend!”

Karen G

“The Guide was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, playful and great at storytelling. Between hearing about the hidden people, ghosts and zombies, elves, trolls, and mythological creatures of the Icelandic sagas, seeing elf stones and graveyards, Very worth it!”

  • Visit two of the oldest graveyards in Reykjavik

  • See an Elfstone in downtown Reykjavik

  • Be haunted by the ghost called Deacon of Dark River

  • Experience Icelandic Magic

  • Hear about the 13 Santas of Iceland

  • Discover the relationship Trolls and the Catholic church have in Iceland

The starting point is on Ingolfstorg (Ingolfs public square) by the two stone high seat pillars