Icelandic cuisine has been changing and developing fast for the last few decades, proudly using local ingredients and creating new courses based on traditional Icelandic ones. This week one of the top restaurants in Reykjavik, Dill, earned a Michelin Star, the first one ever given to an Icelandic restaurant.

Icelandic cuisine is traditionally based on lamb and various fishes, such as haddock, cod and salmon. Often the food was cured, salted or fermented to store over winter. Today these old methods are still used to produce particular delicacies with a modern twist also to suit a more international crowd.

The meat or fish are often accompanied with potatoes, turnips, carrots or cabbage, which are often called winter vegetables. Than traditional milk products such as skyr, sour milk (kind of yogurt) and berries found in Iceland have been turned into delicious desserts.

We are so happy that Icelandic cuisine has now  been recognized internationally and would like to congratulate Dill on this great accomplishment.




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