Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour trying out smoked puffin appetizer
Sampling Traditional food from Iceland on our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour
A Skyr Dessert and drinks on our Reykjavik Food Tour

Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour

Our Reykjavik Food Tour focuses on traditional Icelandic food

When doing a Reykjavik food tour, don’t you want to try out the truly authentic food from Iceland?

With our selection of local food treats you can check off a lot of things on your Icelandic food bucket list, and you sure won’t be disappointed with the quality of the restaurants we handpicked as our partners.

The only bad thing on this tour is the fermented shark, but hey, its an adventure and what does not kill you makes you stronger and cooler back home ;).

One of the best things about doing a food tour is getting a sense of the history of the country while eating something delicious & exciting.

All our guides are experts and graduates from the Tour guide school of Iceland, but more importantly, they know how to entertain and educate at the same time.

  • Try at least ten traditional foods from Iceland
  • Small-group tour, limited to 12 people, ensures a personal experience
  • Get a sense of the history of Iceland while eating something delicious
  • The walk is good to get oriented in the old Reykjavik city center
  • Expert Fun Loving Local Guides so you can ask us anything
  • Tips on Food, Fun & Drink for the rest of our stay in Reykjavik

Stops on our Reykjavik Food Walk?

Our stops include a brilliant new Gastropub, the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik, the legendary hot dog stand, a favorite food market (if open), The authentic Seabaron down by the old Reykjavik harbor and Icelandic Fish and chips. Make sure you arrive hungry!

They say that sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other, and we know our Reykjavik Food Tour helps you get a deeper understanding on the history, culture and of course the cuisine of Iceland.

If you’re a food lover, then a leisurely stroll around the old Reykjavik city center, sampling traditional food from Iceland is going to be your kind of a foodie adventure.  You will learn what the Vikings ate and how Icelandic people have survived harsh winters thanks to our special cooking and preserving methods and then how our cuisine evolved to present day as young chefs are doing modern twists with the special Icelandic ingredients.

Our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour samples many different Icelandic dishes; both traditional classics and modern favorites. We know the best spot to get the famous Icelandic lamb soup (just like mamma makes it), The Icelandic lamb hot dog, Skyr (a type of yogurt) and a delicious Icelandic lobster soup that some say is the best in the world, but you will have to be the judge of that :).  You can even try some fermented shark if you dare.

Daily Tours

The Reykjavik food tour runs every day at 11:30 am, 1 pm / 13:00 and 5 pm / 17:00.  The tour duration is around 2,5 – 3 hours.
It is an easy walk between the places and we make plenty of stops along the way. With no more than 12 people on a tour, you’ll be able to ask any questions about Icelandic food and culture, plus make a few new friends. And, you certainly won’t leave feeling hungry!

We really recommend the weekend tours at 11:30 am and 1 pm / 13:00 because then we add a special stop at the food stalls of the Reykjavik Flea market which is only open during the weekends.

“Verði þér að góðu.” = Bon appetite

Our Reykjavik Food tour is available for private groups upon request. Get in touch to discuss:
If you like food then you just may like drinks also ;), so why not check out our Reykjavik Pub Crawl

  • Smoked Puffin with Crowberry Liquer sauce

  • The special Icelandic butter and bread

  • Traditional Icelandic Lamb soup

  • The Icelandic Lamb hot dog

  • Icelandic Lobster Soup

  • Minke Whale Steak

  • Fermented Shark

  • Three types of fresh fish of day

  • Skyr Dessert

  • An Icelandic drink, Craft Beer, Brennivín or just Coffee?

  • Maybe more Icelandic treats depending on the day and season

“A highlight of our #Iceland trip was food/drink tour w/ @yourfriendinrvk . Highly recommend! Tried so many tastes!”

Melissa Jones

“So much food! So much fun!
The best part about the tour itself is the diversity of the food. Everything from street food to comfort food to fine dining – and plenty of it!”


“A little taste of Iceland
Trying to find good local places to eat can be often daunting, and I have found that food tours are some of the best ways to find some hidden gems when it comes to local eateries. This tour was no different, our guide was brilliant, the places you eat are varied and you get to explore the city and learn a little bit about the Iceland culture. ”

Gruffalo (Tripadvisor ID)

I believe food tours are so important when visiting a new culture! This tour really gave us the chance to branch out and try lots of local food with a great, knowledgeable, local guide. We were fed 10 different tastings and so much knowledge about Reykjavik and Iceland!”

Vikki A

We meet up at Ingolfstorg (Ingolfur Square) in the center of Reykjavik