Private Tours


Private Tours

When visiting Iceland sometimes you just want to control the starting time, pace and focus of your Reykjavik Walking Tour. We have specially designed our Reykjavik walking tours based on what’s truly entertaining but still gives you a great insight into Icelandic history, folklore and today’s culture. All of our guides are expert locals, most of whom are graduated from the Tour Guide School of Iceland so don’t be shy in asking us anything and everything when you join our Reykjavik Walking Tours. We sincerely believe they are some of the best things you can do while visiting Iceland

Family friendly

A lovely family at the Reykjavik pond
Walk with a Viking

Private Reykjavik Walking Tour

Your Private Reykjavik walking tour is your introduction to Iceland. We will show you where the Vikings first settled and how Reykjavik developed into the country’s capital. This private tour will help you get your bearings and make the most of your stay in Iceland. We recommend it as your first stop in Reykjavik.

You control the starting time

Reykjavik Food Tour in Action at the Seabaron
Traditional Icelandic Food

Private Reykjavik Food Tour

When doing a Private Reykjavik food tour, don’t you want to try out the truly authentic food from Iceland? With our selection of local food treats you can check off a lot of things on your Icelandic food bucket list, and you sure won’t be disappointed with the quality of the restaurants we handpicked as our partners. The Reykjavik food walk is also good to get oriented in the old Reykjavik city center.

Off the beaten path

A small pic of the Reykjavik Folklore Walking Tour
The Elves & Trolls of Iceland

Private Icelandic Mythical Walk

Come meet the Elves and trolls of Iceland on this Reykjavik Walking Tour. Ghosts, the unique Icelandic monsters, the 13 Santa’s and finally the only known serial killer of Iceland in a land where it’s easy to get lost in the lava fields…

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