Floki Icelandic whisky

Eimverk Distillery Tour

The Eimverk Distillery is Iceland’s first and only whiskey distillery, it is a perfect destination for whiskey fans and for anyone with an interest in Icelandic Spirits.

They are also the only distillery producing spirits from 100% Icelandic barley,  Flóki whiskey, Vor premium Gin and Víti old style traditional Icelandic Brennivín.

In the Eimverk Distillery tour you will have the opportunity to sample Flóki Iceland’s first and only whiskey,  learn about the processes involved in creating Icelandic spirits from Icelandic barley; as well as sampling Vor the premium pot distilled gin and Víti the old style Icelandic Brennivín all handcrafted from native herbs and botanicals.

Please be advised that tours are currently only available by appointment, so please book ahead.
The tour lasts a little over an hour

Address: Lyngás 13, 210 Gardabaer
Which is about a 10-15 minute taxi ride from downtown Reykjavik