Inside the Ice cave of Langjokull


Come and join us for an adventure that will lead you to the untouched beauty and raw nature of Langjokull, Iceland’s second largest glacier. Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime as we journey up the white slopes and go deep inside the man-made ice tunnels leading to the blue heart of the glacier. We will ride in modified glacier vehicles specially made to explore the glacier environment and enjoy the view as we drive on top of the ice cap.

Our experienced guides will lead the way and make sure that everyone is both enjoying themselves and learning the basics of glacier knowledge.

Into the Glacier and more, is a day tour departing from Reykjavik that gives you the opportunity to
enjoy a day full of adventures, in comfortable buses. You will get the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy one of the world’s greatest wilderness; Iceland’s second largest glacier – even from the inside!
Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful blue ice at the heart of the glacier. No doubt this will be a truly memorable day.

The drive to Langjokull glacier is very scenic and on the way, you make a stop by Hraunfossar waterfalls. “Hraun” in Icelandic means lava and the lava at Hraunfossar waterfalls actually came from one of Langjokul glacier’s volcanic eruptions ages ago. At Langjokul glacier’s edge, specially modified glacier vehicles will take care of the ride up to the glacier and to the ice caves – and what a ride it is!

  • Price:  Adults: 26.349
    Teenagers (12-15): 13.174 ISK
    Children (0-11): 0
  • The shuttle departure times from Reykjavik is at 9 am but pickup is 30 minutes from the starting time
  • The tour duration is around 9-10 hours
  • Available all year