So skyr to us is what cheese is to you (at least if you‘re European)! We have it for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack. It has been a part of the Icelandic traditional diet since the country was settled in the 900 and is mentioned many times in the Icelandic sagas. It was known throughout the Nordic countries but eventually forgotten except in Iceland.

But what is skyr? It‘s made of pasteurized skimmed milk. It tastes a bit sour but with a hint of residual sweetness. It‘s quite unique but out of all dairy it resembles a greek yoghurt the most. Skyr is a very popular product in Iceland and embraced by many athletes as it is so high in protein. Traditionally skyr is served with milk and sugar. Today you can find a large variety of flavors at any grocery store, as well as it is often used in fruit smoothies and desserts. It‘s easy to grab at the store, not to mention that it is very cheap, or around 1 Euro a piece. The flavored ones have added sugar so the natural flavored skyr is always the healthiest choice. You can always add some sugar and fruit yourself. At our home we love to make a skyr fruit boozt with a dash of ginger.

At restaurants you will often find skyr-based desserts on the menu, such as cheescake and icecream. Skyr cake is very popular among the locals, which is like cheese cake, except with skyr. If you join our Reykjavik Food Lovers tour we will offer you a fantastic skyr dessert. One thing is for sure, you shouldn‘t leave without trying!   You can get a version of Skyr in the States

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