Why You Should Visit Iceland in November

Visit Iceland in November 1

Plan to visit Iceland in November if you want to embrace the cold and fun across the island! Look up to the skies for the Northern Lights or explore the brilliant ice caves. Learn some Icelandic or check out our fantastic music scene! 

Whatever experience inspires you, Your Friend in Reykjavik wants to share the best of our home with you! Let us show you around on one of our walking tours of Reykjavik, or ask us for some tips on what to do and where to go.

Dance, Read, Speak Icelandic in November!

November Festivals and celebrations in Iceland are as unique as we are. The beginning of the month is usually when Iceland Airwaves takes over Reykjavik. The weekend-long music festival features local and international performers from Björk to Vampire Weekend. Unfortunately, 2020’s festival has fallen to COVID-19, but you can still get your groove on at one of our many live music spots

For more quiet contemplation, you might want to discover the Reykjavik Book Fair, which usually occurs mid- to end of November. Again, it looks like it’s canceled for 2020, but you can discover why Reykjavik was named a UNESCO City of Literature with a visit to Reykjavík City Library

Guide Visit Iceland November
Want to know what he’s talking about? Join us on tour!

And for a truly immersive experience, November 16 is Dagur íslenskrar tungu or Icelandic Language Day. We celebrate our literary father’s Jónas Hallgrímsson’s birthday and our mother tongue by encouraging everyone to speak Icelandic. Join one of our walking tours, and we’ll help you get fluent in no time! Or at least pick up a few key phrases!

Northern Lights in Iceland in November

November is ideal for catching the Northern Lights in Iceland. With the short days, you get plenty of night hours to search for that dazzling light show from Mother Nature! Dark skies mean you get a better chance of seeing the sun particles’ results hitting the gases in our atmosphere for beautiful playful greens, blues, and reds. Although you can probably catch them in the city, you may want to venture a little way out of town to avoid light pollution. Also, check the weather report before you head out. Cloud cover can block your view!

Christmas starts in November in Iceland!

Well, not quite. But your Christmas shopping can begin! Toward the end of November, a couple of towns start getting their holiday spirits going. Make your way about half an hour south to Hafnarfjörður for their amazing Christmas Village, complete with Yule Lads and Santa and shopping. All surrounded by lava fields and the ocean! Or head to the Heiðmörk woods just outside Reykjavik for a traditional Christmas Market. 

Best things to do in Iceland in November

With the weather getting colder in Iceland, it is perfect for checking out the ice caves. Believe it or not, it would be too warm to try earlier in the year! The formations from the massive glaciers around Jökulsárlón lake are about five hours along the coast from Reykjavik. Or head further inland to Vatnajökull to Europe’s biggest glacier and the spectacular Sapphire Ice Cave. And there’s plenty of gorgeousness on the trip up to any of these caves and more!

Ice caves visit iceland in November
What an amazing view, inside and out!

And if you want to stay in the city, no problem! There are so many things to do in Reykjavik in November or any time of year! Eat your way through Hlemmur Food Hall, or check out a performance at Harpa. Or you can get a private walking tour and get to spend time on the stuff you want to see here.

Weather in Iceland in November

November in Iceland is ideal if you want a wintry wonderland experience without too extreme weather. And you can still get home for Christmas! The weather usually averages around 35°F (1.6°C). Pleasantly brisk but not fully freezing. The winds do kick up quite a bit starting around now, and you may get some rain or snow. So, pack properly! 

As for daylight, November is when you might feel the drop to extremely short days. The month begins with about 8 hours of sun and ends with only around 5 hours.  

What to pack for November in Iceland

Winter is ramping up, so layers are definitely your best bet. Don’t have enough cold-weather gear? How about a shopping trip to Reykjavik! This is a perfect reason to pick up one, or more, wool items made from our fabulous four-legged friends. Since you may have to face some rain or snow, even if you stay in the city, make sure you have some weather-proof gear too. And if you’re not used to short days and long nights, you may want to bring eye-coverings or whatever you need to help you sleep.

Your Friend in Reykjavik can’t wait to see you in November!

No matter when you plan your trip to Iceland, we hope you’ll stop by and see us! Your Friend in Reykjavik offers the perfect walking tours of our capital city. From folklore to food, and everything in between, get to know our hometown as we do – our guides can’t wait to share their favorite spots with you!

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